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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 18, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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security at the state house. why a bbttle over access is heating up. it's friday and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about &panything you want. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook feedback""segment. segment.just go to faccbook dot com slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the conversation.
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the search for multiple killers... is on in northeast baltimore.there have been seven murders... in just seven . weeks.megan gilliland is live from city police headquarters downtown, with more on where police believe the violence is from.good morning,seven muders in seven weeks... and while police say they are working with some strong leads... there re zero suspects in custody this morning. morning.the first deadly shooting happened, january 2nd on plymouth oad.and the lastest murder was just this past wednesday night on east 31ss
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street.when officers arrived, they found a 22-year-old man inside a home on the block.the killing is the seventh in the city's northeast district this pear and the second in two weeks. police say none of tte cases appear to be relattd. neighbors, concerned for their safety are now just frustrated. (mcdaniel) "yyu can't deal with a whole lot of trashy people.. druggies and all that.."(mcdaniel) "when it get this all violent and like thatt,somebody ain't doing their job...." job...."the northeast is one of nine pollce districts in baltimore...but it's the site of about a third of the city's homicides so far this year. police are now beefing up partrols in the area, with both unifoomed and plain clothes detectives. police beleive some of the violence, is drug related. megan gglliland, fox45 morning news. monnhs after a mental patient is murdered by a fellow inmate.. the head of the clifton t. perkins hospital center steps down. down.sheilah davenport will leave at the end of the
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month... after a recent report faulted employees for their handling of the death of susan sachs.sachs was found strangled to death.. and 46 year old saladin taylorrhas been charged with her murddr. taylor and sachs lived on the same floor of the facility. both had been placee at the state hospital after being found not criminally responsible for murder. the former pentagon official.. whose body was found in a landdill on new years eve... will be laid to rest at arlington national pemetery.john wheeler's funeral.. which wiil include a procession in a horse drawn carriage.. is set for the end of april.earlier this week investigators searched wheeler's home for clues into his death. they left with a large paper bag and several manilla envelopes. a woman suspected of snatching an infant fromma new york hospptal more thann20 years ago... has been indicted. indicted.ann pettway... is charged with one count of kidnaaping... for the abductiin of carlina white.the 23 year-old was reunited with her birth mother last month. white says she grew suspicions about pettway... the woman who raised her... after
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learning she could not provide her with a birth certificate. if convicted... ppttway could face life in prison. in cleveland, a daycare center is in hot water after giving a grandfather.. the wrong child! child!the man arrived at the center and picked up a little boy he thought was his grandson, but after getting home, he realized the child called the center right away, and within a alf hour, everything was back to normal. a spokesperson for catholic charities .. the group behind the daycarr.. says they're taking steps to keep this from washington saas: "we have spoken to the staff, we're taking action, we'll be meeting with staff tomorrow, we'll make sure we do some reviews of our procedures and staff will understand who they are to release the children to in the future." future." cleveland police will review the case, but a spokesperson says it doesn't look like a criminal matter. talks are grinding to a halt over the 61-billion dollars
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republicans want to cut from áthis yearsá federal budget... budget......and that means both sides are talking about one more thing.a government deal...the federal government will shut down march 4th. pot - boehner says: "we have some democrats here on capitol hill threatening to shutdown the government rather than to cut spending and to follow the will of the american people.". .and now he's resorting to threats to do just that without any negotiations - that is not permissible, we will noo stand for that - he's wrong.".house speaker john boehner says he will only accept a spending plan that includes deep cuts. congress will be out of town por the president's day recess next week....when they return, in the midst oo the looming government shutdown and battle over the budget.. at least one member of ongress wants the government to put the breaks on government spending on nascar. marianne rafferty has the story. ptory. -------------------------------- -------------------------------- the army is spending millions in taxpayer dollars to sponsor
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the "39" car.some say it's a big waste of money.among them is minnesota congresswoman betty mcccllum.she introduced an amendment to yank funding... mccollum says: "with trillion dollar deficits this amendment is where the rubber meets the road for mm republican tea party colleagues."some lawmakers say she's missing the point...frelinghuysen says: 'nascar sponsorships have proven to be a very important recruiting tool. with some estimating for every ddllar the government puts in nascar sponsorship it gets four dollars innequivalent in advertising in television, merchandise and other outlets." mchenry says: "let's be cllar. pthis amendment wwll not save one single dime."many nascar fans in daytona sayyit's good business for the army to capitalize on he sport's popularity among young men.mos says: "like anything else, in order to gain in buuiness you havv to advertise, a certain extent."mos sayy: "if we are going to cut something, i think we can find 7 million dollars of foreign aid to another country to fund that army."at least one fan or the -
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disagrees...mos says: "united states should not have to fund a car. because we are hurting now."mccollum sayssthis is not says: ""ow we have the army spending 7 million dollars for a decal on a racing car. talk pbbut tax payer ssicker shock." (anchor tag)the debate has triggered an ugly response. mccollum alerted capitol police after receiving a faxed death threat with a nascar mention...loaded with obscenitiesthe fax included a noose around tte severed head of a likeness of president new york, marianne raffertt, fox news it should be a busy weekend at appliance stores in maryland. many energy- star appliinces are tax free starting tomorrow. so you go?ould you know, before - go? joel d. ssith is live at cummins appliance in maximize those savings. good - morning joel d. good morning patrice, (ad lib)
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after four years of terrible headaches.... doctors in china finally found the reason for one man's long term discomfort. doctors removed a knife blade lodged in his skull ---- that he didn't even know ws there. hh got in a fight years ago and never reelized aablade broke off in his head --- but had severe headaches ever since. coming up on the early edition... do you áreallyá neee to change your oil every 3-thousand miles? miles? nats>the answer to that... and other car repair ámythsá.. straight ahead. ahead.
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coming up... as many ass9 pitchers could be battling for a spot in the orioles starting rotation. we'll hear from one of them in . sports. nats>and next.. how many miles.. before your car really needs an oii change.the answer to that.. and other car care myths.. after tte break.
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changing your car's oil and transmission fluid? ow about when to fix your brakee? there are a lot of misconceptions about car-care...jeff barnd debuuks some hear-say that could destroy your ride. ride. the bickering between mechaaics and car owners has beee around since karl benz tinkered with his invention in germany...and with 150-million cars on the road daily in this country... the battles can sometimes get ugly...
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ugly... 27:14--27:18 man in front of storein;"would you ratherout;"/withoiut doubt" doubt" 3 28:32--28:37in;"if you had out;"hard one one fly-by--ight dealerships and garages have given this otherwise noble profession a years...// years...//17:13--17:17in;"i think in everythingout;"bad nam" name" bearsch's united auto center in bel air has been around for nearly 60-yearr... and they're helping us sort out 3 main hypersensitive topics that can lead to ugly contfrontations... for instance..././ according to site marketwaach... you don't need to change your oil every 3000 miles... miles...17:46--17:53in;"i think thats shortsighted" out;"little longer" longer" but not too much longer... 4000 miles tops... peevish topic number 2.. marketwatch also states you don't need to replace or flush transmission fluids at 30k miles...some vehicles dont need it until 60k miles... miles... 19:03--19:13in;" i go with the 30k milesout;"the r? risk?in;"19:20--19:28in;"my own vehiclesout;"every 300
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30" irasiple topic number 3 marketwatch says brakes don't need to be replaced until they're 90% worn... worn...20:08--20:32in:"in md" out;"more money" money" and... when that horrifii check engine light comes on.... it's not the the harbinggr of an impending apocolypse... then again... it could. could.21:46--21:54in:" most of the time"out;" gonna be" be" some times, we're our
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own worst enemies when it comes to explaining what is wrong with our car toa mecanic...// when you're a &pcar-owner, read the manual an use it as a guide... that way you'll avoid using words like thing-a-ma-jig...gizmo, doodad, hoojamafliip... wwrds like that will only make you look like a complete horses and life is tough enuf > >22:44--22:47in;"any informatiopn"out;"the better" better"23:00--23:08in;"ask you tock"nic"out:"tock tock tock" about 70% of bearsch's businessscomes from repeat customers...// which means arguements are kept to a minimum.... hey... the mechanic doesn't drive your car... you do... and he or she wasn't in the car when things went haywire... you attitude23:34--23:37in;" i specifically"and a little know- how .../
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.../23:55--23:58in;" so how do you"out;"personally" out;"persooally"is always good for another 100k miles for your car and your newly installed thing-a-majg... coming up in our 6 o'clook hour... he's letting ittaal hang out. out.i don't think we have a club house, we might have to that."what this streaker stole from a communiiy friige. fridge.and next.. who'll get a coveted spot on the orioles starting pitching lineup?the ninn players going for the slot. ((break 3)) ♪
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... she's one unhappy customer. customer.woman screaming screamingwhat set this bus
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